2024 Presidential Primary
March 5, 2024
Official Results
Last Updated:
3/22/2024 10:33 AM

Election Summary
*Active Registered Democrats 89,408 Total Ballots Counted:
*Active Registered Republicans 24,358 Democratic Ballots: 58,097
*Active Registered Unaffiliated Voters 105,316 Republican Ballots: 35,941
Total Ballots Counted: 94,038
* Based off Voter Registration Figures as of March 5- 7:00 p.m.
Results - Republican Party
President of the United States - Republican Party
Candidate VotesPercent
15581818Walter Iwachiw - Write-in Candidate00
15571717Rachel Hannah "Mohawk" Swift - Write-in Candidate44
15511111Asa Hutchinson7878
15551515Ryan L Binkley8686
15501010Vivek Ramaswamy261261
15531313Ron DeSantis439439
15541414Chris Christie490490
15561616Donald J. Trump14,80914809
15521212Nikki Haley19,32219322

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